It's almost enough to make me buy a typewriter.

I'm still trying to make this blog play nice with Facebook. I'm not sure what the problem is, but there has been some significant lag between publication here and publication on Facebook, so for testing purposes, I'm flooding your newsfeed. I'm sorry. Unless of course you have a farm or a mafia or an island or you just need help storming this one castle. I'm not very sorry in your case. In your case, I am an agent of justice, a righter of wrongs, a giver of comeuppance. Think about how tired you are of seeing me on your newsfeed and consider seriously if you wish to inflict such sadness on others in your zeal to find a home for that lost unicorn. I'll stop ranting now.

As for this blog, instead of waiting for the Facebook note, follow me on Blogger. It's like Facebook without Farmville or chain letters or any of those "If 1,000,000 people join this group, I'll do something outrageous" groups. Try it. It's great.

Thanks for reading.


Chris Krycho said...

Unfortunately, that is the norm. Facebook's import speed is abysmal. At Pillar, we've had as much as a two week delay on imports. Which is ridiculous.

Also: I'm liking the bloggage.

B. Burns said...

Thanks, Chris. It's good to be back in the game.

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