Honest to Blog

I don't know how to blog. I know how to write, but not how to blog. Blogging is not about writing, not really. Blogging is a game of redaction-pure and simple. It's all about what is written and what is not and why. In describing the past day and a half to you, should I include a paragraph or two of my recent musings about the dearth of portrayals of seminary students in popular culture?

Should I tell you that I would pay a princely sum for some sort of pop culture touchstone for this stage of life, some set of Hollywood assumptions to accept reject or modify? I'd love to be able to say, "You know, seminary is not like the movies", or to smile a bit when I see that in some small way, they got it right.

That might be too self-absorbed, so perhaps I should simply relay the events of the weekend. Like this:
I went to a college graduation for one of my best fiends in the world. We then went to see Clash of the Titans, which frankly clashed with my eyes. Then we ate chicken fingers. Today we went to a graduation party, and I tried to teach the young woman I tutor how to multiply matrices.
However, that might prove boring and unworthy of your time and attention. It seems like a blog is more than a mere record of events.

Similarly, this blog might not be the place for me to use the act of writing as a vehicle for dealing with my emotions. Do you want to read about the sorrows and joys I experience as I try to transition from college--something I understood--to post-college life, which I'm still figuring out? I worry that after a while my posts will begin to sound like Dashboard Confessional songs. In fact, as many times as I've listened to Swiss Army Romance, some of my posts might just be Dashboard Confessional songs, word for word (i. e. "This is a forgery This is a forgery. Every single line is plagiarized--copied twice and thrice inscribed.") People swear that accidental plagiarism is impossible, but I'm not so sure. I'm sorry in advance, Chris Carrabba.

I also would like to record things about God and my relationship with him here, but in a way that is profitable to you and devoid of misguided piety, pontification, self-aggrandizement, or self-flagellation.

Honest to blog, I don't know what to do here, so here's a bit of weird news.


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