Glee:nobody burst into song in my high school either

And that doesn't matter. People who say that they can't watch musicals because no sizable group of people anywhere at anytime has spontaneously burst into song are entirely mistaken about what stories are and how stories work and why stories matter.

These people have  confused the vehicle for story delivery with the story itself.  If you happen to be one of those crazy people who doesn't like musicals, go in peace.  Know this, however, people who write musicals know that nobody just starts singing to advance the plot of their life, I promise.

Similarly,  writers know that very few people create elaborate pregnancy scams in misguided attempts to save their marriage.  But people lie in small ways every day to grease the marital wheels as it were.   The insane, over-the-top nature of Glee is the only reason that anyone who's ever been to high school watches it.  By and large, high school was awkward, degrading, cliqueish and boring.  In my case,  it had its bright spots, and a number of great friends and gifted educators made parts of it fun and meaningful, but an exact representation of high school would make horrible television--worse even than Joey. Yea, I said it.  It is theoretically possible to make a show that's worse than  Joey.

 Aristotle wrote about truth in art at length.  I read Poetics;  I know. I don't remeber what it said.  I can, however, do most of the combos on Soul Callibur II.  Yeah, if I had it to do over, I would have allocated my brain cells differently. 

Truth in story is the authentic presentation of human existence. That's what Glee does really well.  Everybody wants to be significant, to matter, and watching the Glee characters do that in their own big-budget, pop culture-saturated way is worthwhile.  Father-son relationships are hard and complicated sometimes, and watching Kurt and his dad figure out all of that is worthwhile too.  Glee speaks to real human problems and concerns in a way that isn't horribly depressing.  Take that Recquiem for a Dream.

I love Glee, and frankly you should too.  I might even be willing to sing about it if the price were right.


Chris Krycho said...

(1) Nice template> I'd been hoping you were going to update it. Did you do this one yourself, find it, or what? I like it!
(2) Most people do not spontaneously burst into song. (Some of us do.)

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