Every Blog Needs A Gimmick

It's just true.  These gimmicks are wildly variable.  Some are cool; most are uninteresting, and some are straight-up scary.  Some blogs are of the "I did x for some period of time and blogged about it" variety (i.e. I watched a silent movie every Tuesday for a year,  I became vegan for a year for no particular reason,  I lived for  a year as a hermit.)

Some blogs are of the "I traveled across some country for some period of time using nonstandard means of transportation" variety (i. e. I walked across America barefoot)

Some blogs are of the "I'm a fish out of water variety" (i.e. I'm an opera singer who has recently joined a thrash metal band making its way across the Midwest)

I think a good blog gimmick is rare indeed.  Do you know of any?


Chris Krycho said...

One of my personal favorites is actually writing about blog tics. I know of entire blogs composed of essentially extensions of the theme of this post. Done poorly, it's terrible. Done well, it's surprisingly effective. (This fits more in the latter category, but I don't think it should be your tic.)

For yours, I vote a running gag about alligators. Or riffing on captchas. (Like mine for this post: quxcra.)

B. Burns said...

Alligators...I like it.

Stephen said...

thing vs. thing

Jaimie Krycho said...

At the risk of sounding really arrogant, I say that my original blogging premise was good, at least for women. I was trying to find a site about the life and travails of a young engaged or married woman (young being 19-21, opposed by parents, misunderstood by peers, all that good stuff) and just could not find one! Therefore, I decided to write one. Unfortunately, it's not about really about marriage anymore. :p So I might have to steal the alligator idea if you don't get to it first.... ;)

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