Alligators in the lake? Yes, please.

Today my editor proposed that I apply my journalistic skills to what is apparently a burning question. Namely, "Are there alligators in Lake Worth?" My own thoughts on the matter aside, the fact that people are asking this question is interesting in that it highlights a particular human trait. We, as a species, have an innate desire for something fantastic and unexpected. On some level, the thought that all the adventure has gone out of much of the world, that so many roads lead not to glory and adventure but to cul de sacs lined with houses full of people much like us is depressing.

Hence, legends of goatmen and needles contaminated with HIV left in darkened theaters by parties unknown. We live these days in so much sterile, fluorescent light that in some deep part of ourselves, we assume that what small shadows remain must be teeming with evil. Whether it's true or not, who can say, but it does keep things interesting.

(EDIT: We need something to fight. We need some sort of big and scary antagonist so that we can feel significant and fulfilled. Mere existence is not enough. We want to win, and for us to win, someone must lose. )


Jaimie Krycho said...

It seems rather backward that we would want to believe anything is "teeming with evil." But I guess that our built-in narrative demands something to fight.

Let me know if there are any alligators. I'm intrigued!

B. Burns said...

It does demand that indeed; I should have been more clear.

Thanks for reading.

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