Post the Seventh in which we drive to Venezuela(almost)

As yet we have not had share time about the events of today, but all egoism aside, I would like to relay an experience that dad and I shared. Rest assured, a summary of tomorrow's share time that includes stories from today will be part of tomorrow's post. Our team meetings are in thee morning, and I post at night, so by and large, stories involving people other thaan me will be posted the day after they occurred. Please bear with me.

Today, our group had the morning off. A few of the braver of us swam, some went to the zoo, and many slept. We arrived at the church, IBM, at noon. The meal consisted of ravioli, pan fried chicken, and rice and beans. Most of us ate with gusto. Rice and beans are something of a staple here. Many here eat them without other foods though so far our host church has provided a variety of foods to accompany them.

After lunch, our VBS team practiced puppetry and most of the rest of us hit the streats of Maua with translators. Dad and I made a house visit with Aleksandro, a member of our host church.
The woman we visited had led a coven of witches until God miraculously delivered her from her former life one month ago. Aleksandro, pastor Clausius from IBM and perhaps pastor Valmir as well removed two carloads of altars, books of magic, and incense after she was saved.

To get to her house, we drove forty minutes in a red 1971 Fiat. It got us there, but it stalled at every redlight, and at various points, our feet brushed the tops of speedbumps. Seatbelts would have been nice.

From her front door a the top of an impressively long and steep flight of stairs, we arrived in her home. The walls were mostly bare concrete though a picture of the Corinthians, one of two professional soccer teams in a bitter rivalry here, hung on one wall. We shared the gospel with her husband and immediate family. Her husband and two others were converted. In her joy, she asked us to visit her sister as well. We did, and she and two of her daughters were converted.

The pictures attached show the view from the stairs and the two families we spoke to. Aleksandro is in both pictures. he is wearing a polo shirt with horizontal stripes.

Members of our team preached and worshipped at IBM and its mission. All told, ~42 were converted today. More to come tomorrow.

Edit: One picture didn't upolad. The family you see is the first we visited.


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