Post the Ninth in which we follow the advice of Robin Sparkles.

Today is our day off. After a relaxing afternoon at the hotel, we plan to go to the mall in Maua to shop and eat at a chuhascaria. For the uninitiated, a chuhasceria is a magical place in which waiters swarm you with skewers of meat, and you use small tongs to grab piecs of whatever meat interests you. It's all you can eat.

Yesterday was a very full day. VBS continues, some 180 children are attending. Needless to say, the VBS team is working very hard at the church.

As we have in the past, the rest of us hit the streets of Maua to share Christ with those whom we met.

In the afternoon, a larger group of us returned to Casa Maua and 20-30 boys were saved. It was a joy to be with them; they were kind and well-behaved and had a surprisingly complete knowledge of the American rap and hip-hop scenes. Many of them were disappointed that we didn't know A&M.

This morning we sang for and shared with the whole hotel staff. Thirteen of them prayed to recieve Christ. It would have been terrible to neglectt these people who we have been around all week in our zeaal to share with those far away from uss in the houses and astreets of Maua.


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