Post the Fourth in which, Doc Brown is vindicated

We made it to Brazil. The flight was great. They call the 777 the dreamliner for a reason. Upon arrival, I eagerly wielded what Portuguese knowledge I possess. I knew just enough Portuguese to convince the passport control guy that I spoke Portuguese. That was a little awkward.

Interestingly, swine flu is still a pressing concern here, or ate least it seems to be. All the airport officials were wearing surrgical masks. I'm not concerned. Presumably, God brought me to Brazil to do more than catch swine flu andd drown in my own mucus. Besides, the CDC cleared us to travel here

In any case, after much ado, our wholee party was accounted for as was all of our luggaage with the exception of Michelle Tyre's. We're told that we can expect it tomorrow. Pastor Valmir and Cassius, who I think is his brother, met us at tthe airport and traavelled with us by bus to our hotel. Our hotel is a wonderous place indeed, but first Sao Paolo. SP is an expansive city teeming with people from all over the world. In SP, as in all oof Brazil I've seen thus far this trip and previously, some of thee buildings look like mismatched tetris pieces. Stories are crammed on top of each other with little regard for shape or symmetry, colors clash not only in neighborhoods, but on individual buildings. Reds, greens, pastel blues, oranges, and yellows mesh sometimes with corrugated metal.

Which brings us to Back to the Future II in which Doc Brown says, "Where we're going we don't need roads." Clearly we didn't need roads either as our hotel is some 15 minutes off a paved road. By some combination of skill and miracle, our driver managed to get us there without incident though the roads were wet from the misty drizzle that met us at arrival and fell all day.

Hotel Estancia Lucia is like no hotel I've ever stayed in. Imagine if Ricardo Montalban's Fantasy Island character started a survivalist cult. It looks like that only much nicer and more yellow. The place is more compound than hotel. It appears to be almost entirely self-sufficient. Within its walls it contains among other things: a zoo-complete with a supercool guitar playing resident biologist; a replica western town; a ~1/16 scale model of the HMS Beagle, a bowling alley, 3 swimming pools, Suzie the poison dart frog and two international soccer teams who welcomed us warmly.

The food is good.

More prayer requests if you would:

1. We start visits tomorrow. Pray that God will grant all of us, translators included, restful sleep as tomorrow will be full of both spiritual and physical work.

2. Pray that God would give all of us words to say and allow us to work effectivviely with our Brazillian brotheers and sisters to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

3. It would seem thaat the tenative plan is to speak in outdoor plazas tomorrow. Praay that the weather is conducive toi that, or that God would show us somewhere else to go.

4. Pray for health.


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