Post the Fifth in which we meet Senhor Rooster

Today was our first full day in Brazil, and we're already rolling. The morning began at about 4 am when a rooster began to crow at about 45 second intervals. As a texan, my first inclination was to kill the thing with whatever was available. My rooster murdering zeal was hampered by utter darkness. Our entire building, exterior lights included I believe lost power for most of the night, and the rooster lived to cock another day. If you are reading this sehnor rooster, if it happens again I'm feeding you to the evil monkey mentioned in yesterday's post (if you're just joining us, yesterday we met an evil monkey who screamed for six minutes straight and may or may not suffer from emphysema or a related ailment.)

After a wonderful breakfast of strong, sweet coffee fruits and pastries, we made our way to our partner church. Once there we heard from pastor Valmir who told us of his churches missionary efforts around their city and around their state and to the very ends of the earth. He told us a lot, and every word of it worthwhile, but one anecdote stands out, which I'll relate tomorrow. We sang tonight and Pastor Valmir preached. Some 12 people were converted. Sorry for the short post--busy day.


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