Post the Eleventh in which my life becomes substantiaally less interesting.

I went to the eye doctor today. I have mixed feelings about the whole eye doctor experience. As a person, my eye doctor is wonderful. Though we see each other once a year at best, she is always warm and friendly and seems to care about me and my life. The procedural side of a visit to the eye doctor, however, is a little bit troubling.
That glaucoma test with the puff of air is bizarre and uncomfortable and generally repugnant. There's nothing good about it except that it ostensibly screens for glaucoma.

There is good news. Both my eyes are still attached and in working order. Apparently diagnostic eye dilation will soon be a thing of the past. My eye doctor has this new digital retina camera that can take pictures of a whole retina without dilation. Sweet. Apparently, the human retina is located underneath all the blood vessels in the eye, so every minute of every day, you're looking through your own blood.

I'll leave you with that.


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