Post the third in which I confess unfolded laundry.

By this time tomorrow, barring whackiness, we will be on our way to Brazil. I haven't folded all of my laundry yet. I should probably get on that. The truth is, I'm getting wrapped up in both excitement for the trip to come and some nervousness too. I will play a different role on this trip than I did on the last trip.

Last time, I was 19 and surrounded by many people older and wiser than I, so when things got stressful in an encounter, I simply deferred to them. There are fewer people going this year, and many of the people on the trip are younger than I. While I have great confidence in the members of our team, the possibility exists that I will end up taking a real but limited leadership role in some of our encounters. I'm a bit nervous about that to be honest.

If you'll permit me, I'll ask for yet more prayer.

1. Pray for all of us that we would have an attitude of dependence on God as we speak to the people we meet in Brazil. Pray that we will not seek to be eloquent speakers before men, but instead well-made tools in the hands of God.

2. Pray for Dad as he will be preaching multiple times during the trip. Pray that God will give him words to say and bless his preparation.

3. Pray for our whole group, all 30 of us, that God would bring us together and use this time of shared service to form real and meaningful relationships among us. As the trip wears on, we will all be increasingly tempted, to be unkind to one another and fight over petty things. pray that God will allow us all to be disciplined in this area and avoid dissention.

Stories to come soon I promise. I know God has big plans.


Christopher Krycho said...

Brian, I know you're traveling at the moment, and I'm excited for you. In reading this, I was struck by the depth of maturity that God has worked in you in the time that I've known you - it's striking and plainly evident, and it's an immense blessing to me. Thanks for your faithfulness, sir. Press on!

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