Post the second in which I discuss the continuum of hilliness

Hilliness, probably known to scientists as inclination or slope, is the great enemy of walkers everywhere--more evil than Darth Vader, Sauron, and the Voldemort put together. Hilliness kills puppies, robs widows, and eats babies; hilliness is measured with a continuum.

A totally flat place (i. e. west Texas) has a hilliness quotient of 1; San Francisco has a hilliness quotient of 7; the place our team is going has a hilliness quotient of 9. Hilliness increases loigarithmically for you math majors out there( I'm talkin' to you, Ted and Karl).

I have many skills. Alas, aerobic fittness is not among them. It would be amazing if you all would pray for me and my team as we deaal with the terrain in Brazil. I have been encouraged and challenged in this area not only by the scriptures comparing Christianity to a race, but by the words of the late great Rich Mullins. Rich writes: "Let Mercy lead you; let love be the strength in your legs, and with every footstep that you leave, there will be a drrop of grace." It is my prayer that throughout the trip God's mercy will lead us, his lovee will be our strenght and we will leave his grace behind us wherever we go.

If you'll indulge me, some other things need prayer too:

1. Our team leaders, Mark and Wilfred, and our overall leader, John: ask God to bless and strengthen them as they lead us in Brazil. Pray for wisdom for them as they make decisions-sometimes with minimal prior notice or relevant information.

2. Our Brazilian translators: that we would forge relationships with them and work with them as co-laborers even as they serve us by translating our words. Pray for them for words and sharpness of mind and for strength. Eight hours of solid translation combined with the spiritual work of sharing the gospel is enough to make anyone tired. Pray that God would bless their willingness to serve as well, like us they have abandoned their normal lives for two weeks; let's pray that there are minimal repercussions from that.

3. Our Brazilian hosts who are giving sacrificially to feed us: that God would provide above and beyond their expectations that we all might be encouraged.

4. Spiritual Warfare: I'm not a demon behind every doily sort of guy; truth be told, I'd say a solid 99.99999999% of doilies are demon free. With that said, We could potentially run into a more direct spiritual attack in Brazil than most of us see in DFW because animism and occult folk religions are still practiced in large swaths of Brazil. Praise God that he is greater than the evil one. Thank him for his compassion for those under demonic attack, which Jesus demonstrated repeatedly in the gospels, and pray for us that we would trust God to go before us and fight our battles. Even his enemies are under his total control, ask God to bind them.

Two days until we leave.

Thanks for the prayers


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