First Post in Which I inform you of my imminent return to Brazil

If you read all of that unwieldy post title, you know that I'm going back to Brazil on. For two weeks, I'll be in schools and prisons and homes partnering with Brazilian believers and others from my home church to share the good news of Jesus Christ. We leave on Wednesday.

I am very excited as you can imagine. Brazil is a tropical paradise-even in the winter. All the Brazillians I've so far encountered are kind and generous, and I am confident that God is in control and planning to draw many people to himself in the weeks to come. It is my joy to share what God will do in Brazil with as many of you as will read.

I hope and pray that you will partner with me in prayer. Wherever you are as you are reading this post, if you are a believer in Christ, then you have the ear of the God of heaven. I implore you: pray for us.

In the days to come, we will need prayer in a few specific areas.

1. That God would bless final preparations as there is much left to do.
2. Traveling safety and health.
3. Purity: that God would not only guard us from sin, but point out unconfessed sin in our lives we need to address
4. Opportunities to share the gospel, wisdom to see them, and boldness to take them.

Thanks a lot. I'll post as often as I can from our hotel.


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